Lohit Bhatia

Lohit Bhatia, President – Workforce Management, joined Quess Corp in 2011 heading sales for our General Staffing Division and rose to the position of CEO – Staffing by 2016. During his stint as the CEO of Business Staffing, he created the team while establishing our Staffing business as not only the largest by associates deployed or clients managed, also by services offered, and technology used for our associate employees and clients. He has now embarked on a larger role as President where he leads the teams that drive: General Staffing, IT Staffing and Recruitment, Digital Compliance, Training and Skill Development and Logistics Businesses. He is responsible for bringing together the entire Workforce Management platform’s services for businesses in India, Singapore, APAC and the Middle East. Lohit has over 22 years of experience across industries spanning from Textiles, Auto Components and Services with a focus on product and services sales and business development.

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